About Us


Before reading "About Us", we here at Chris Childs would like to appreciate you for taking your time out and diving deeper into our brand. Before having a brand, before clients, it was simply Chris Childs. Learning, studying, and perfecting the craft of sneaker customization. Chris Childs was able to have rapid success while in college working with the likes of: Anderson Paak, Charlamagne The God, Buddy Hield, Will Claye, Riley Curry, Kudi Hodge, and many others.

While in college and working on the growing brand, Childs decided to study abroad in Paris to learn more about business, luxury fashion, and fine art. With more cultural experiences and influence, Childs was able to add more styles towards his artillery belt.

Coming back to the States, Childs decided to scale and expand in the fashion world. Not only focusing on footwear but adding clothing, stickers, prints, and other original items that Childs begin to introduce. The Childs brand is now a reputable name not only in the States but in Europe as well. Who knows what's next for Childs and his team but just know this, he's not kidding around.